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Michigan's marijuana industry could see regulatory changes in 2022

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Meanwhile, at the state level, there’s proposed legislation that would put greater regulations on medical marijuana caregivers. The bill package would limit caregivers to only growing up to 24 plants. The law currently allows caregivers to grow up to 72 plants. The proposal would also reduce the amount of harvested marijuana they may possess from 15 ounces to 5.

Stephen Linder is the executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association.

Linder says the state legislation is needed in part to put greater controls on the grey and black market, which he says is a drag on the licensed market.

“Most of the caregiver market is underground,” say Linder, “And that is not in the public interest to have this much product outside of the regulated system, not tested, not taxed.”

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