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My name is Latrisha Matson. I am in Genesee County Located in the 50th District. Surrounding areas are Flint, Genesee, Mt. Morris, Flushing, Flint Twp, Swartz Creek, Burton, Davison

I am an advocate and lobbyist for the Patients and Caregivers of Michigan. Currently I am building the systems for the Michigan Weedsters. I am also creating an information Library that will help Patients, Caregivers, and Small Business owners access to data that will help them when building a case. The best step is the step ahead. My goal is to make sure that there is clear communication in the community, speedy responses to issues, education and information, and resources.

I am currently working with More Than Hope, United Cannabis Caregiver Association, Americans for Safe Access, Greening Detroit, My Compassion, Canna Industries and the 420 Free Market.

We all need to start looking inward and find strategies to protect the caregiver program. My ideas are all over but starting with house bills 5300-5302.

Testing- Negotiate a reasonable testing price and return

Specialty Growers License- Yes, we should give people the opportunity to sell overages. This would require a license fee, that should be placed in it's own extension of the MMMA, as it has been done for the MMFLA. An additional 2 licenses with reasonable licensing fees should be created to fill the gap between a Caregiver to a Seller. This will ensure less prosecution and should help bring new growers to the market from OUR state. And the MRTMA should pay for a Training Program.

Plant Count- NO- A Caregiver with 5 Patients may or may not have overages, but I bet that if they did they would be happy getting back some of their cost. Caregivers don't have to pay taxes, and that is big businesses biggest complaints. With a fee upfront, you avoid tax gouging as it is done to businesses.


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