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Courage in Cannabis

In 2014 Amie’s family appeared on the Dr. Phil show to no avail. He wasn’t able to provide much assistance or useful guidance. He stated that within two years Amie would be unable to manage her son on her own. Thanks to cannabis she was able to prove him wrong. Her son has shown huge growth and transformation that allows their family to live a better quality of life. Since 2011 she has served on several boards, consulted with 100’s of families, helped draft legislation for cannabis access at school by introducing “Jayden’s Law”. Amie’s dedication to helping others guided her to be a candidate for the Michigan State House of Representatives in 2022.

She continues to let her voice be heard and strives to help families find the same quality of life.

Amie Carter is highly motivated and passionate about educating others about the many benefits of cannabis. In 2018, after seeing firsthand the difference it made with her son, Amie petitioned to list Autism as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in Michigan. Amie has spoken many times to educate parents of this natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. She is a dedicated activist for cannabis as well as for families in similar situations. Her goal is to bring improvements for children’s mental health. Amie hopes to make access and use easier across our country by working to help pediatric and adolescent patients gain the same equal rights as those who use traditional prescribed medicine.


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