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The Michigan Weedsters is a Agency of Advocacy created by Michigan Residents who have pledged to be involved protecting and innovating the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. 

Michigan voters strongly approved a voter initiative allowing severely ill patients to use medical marijuana, making it one of only a quarter of states to do so.

Proposal 1, which removes state penalties for registered patients to buy, grow, and use small amounts of marijuana, received 63 percent of the vote, or 2,557,410 individuals, with 87 percent of the precincts reporting. (resource)

"Our" goal is to gain a position as a stakeholder in Lansing. We would like to be able to speak on topics that would impact the MMMA by the outcome of policy now, and in the future. In the course of this plan, we have to gain support and acquire a collaboration of experts, supporters and allies.


We partitioned the state into 22 regions. There will be one State Leader for each of the sections. There will also be 3-5 counties in each division. The County Leaders are guided by a State Leader. The Township Leader will be coordinated by the County Leaders. When there are cannabis-related topics on the agenda, the Township Leader will sign up for their township email and notify us.

We are developing everyday with a limited budget. However, we have the talent and the resources to achieve the goal. Organizing, collecting data, learning laws, talking to representatives, creating content, chasing news, building websites, communicating with resources, attending network events, setting meetings....are all apart of it. Thanks for your patience with us. 

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