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HOUSE BILL 5300-5302 & HOUSE BILLS 5319 and 5321

In November of 2021, multiple Michigan House Representatives and lobbyist organizations sponsored House Bills 5300-5302 and House Bills 5319 and 5321

These Changes will greatly affect Michigan's 300,000 plus Medical Patients who could potentially lose their ability to their Caregivers. This bill would reduce plant count for the 27,000 Caregivers in our state and force them to choose 1 patient while leaving the rest find another Caregiver or use a facility to get their medicine. The Cannabis Safety Act was created to make sure the Medical Marijuana Patients are receiving clean and tested medicine. 


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BRIEF SUMMARY: House Bills 5300 to 5302 would amend different acts that regulate the medical marijuana market. Among other things, the bills would do all of the following:

​• Regulate licensed specialty medical growers.

• Require the statewide monitoring system that tracks medical marijuana sales and transfers between licensees and registered primary caregivers and registered qualified patients to track certain information pertaining to licensed specialty medical growers.

• Prohibit transfers of marijuana from a licensed specialty medical grower to a licensee in the recreational marijuana market.

​• Prohibit a licensed grower, processor, secure transporter, or safety compliance facility licensee from also being licensed as a licensed specialty medical grower.

• Reduce, from five to one, the number of registered qualified patients a registered primary caregiver may assist.

​• Eliminate provisions barring a registered qualified patient from transferring marijuana or a marijuana-infused product to any individual and making selling marijuana to someone who is not a registered qualifying patient a felony offense.

​• No longer exclude an applicant from meeting the conditions for automatic registration or licensure due to a felony based solely on a marijuana-related offense committed during the ten years immediately preceding an application as a registered primary caregiver or licensed specialty medical grower.

House Bill 5320 would revise a citation in the Public Health Code to account for changes made to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by HB 5301.

House Bills 5319 and 5321 would respectively amend the Use Tax Act and the General Sales Tax Act to exempt the sale of marijuana by a registered primary caregiver or licensed specialty medical grower to a registered qualified patient from the use and sales taxes.

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