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The Michigan Weedsters actively lobbies in Lansing. "Our" goal is to gain a position as a stakeholder in Lansing. We would like to be able to speak on topics that would impact the MMMA by the outcome of policy now, and in the future. In the course of this plan, we have to gain support and acquire a collaboration of experts, supporters and allies. 

"We" find that our best efforts are done through communicating with lawmakers. Our team has been able to educate Representatives and get them to oppose bills that could wipe us out.











To create legislation that will put an end to corporate business and rouge lawmakers from touching any peoples initiative.

To create laws that will disable big money interests from using tactics through our legislatures to profit off sick people.

To create safe spaces where Patients and Caregivers can communicate.

To be a voice for those who can not travel to Lansing and speak with their lawmakers.


To advocate and create opportunity for the Michigan Medical Cannabis program. 

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