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Remembering Rick Thompson, a pioneer in Michigan's cannabis advocacy.

This year, we mourn the passing of a dedicated champion for change.

An advocate and trailblazer in the cannabis movement, Rick Thompson, left an indelible mark on the fight for cannabis legalization.

To pay tribute, you can follow this link to donate to the Rick Thompson Grant Fund . This grant extends direct support, resources, funding, and tools to those striving for sensible cannabis policies. It aims to enhance the lives of current and former cannabis prisoners, offer assistance to their families, and uplift the communities they serve.

A Life Committed to Cannabis Advocacy

Rick Thompson's journey in cannabis advocacy spanned decades, marked by an unwavering commitment to destigmatize and legalize Cannabis. Hailing from Michigan, Thompson tirelessly worked towards creating a more informed and accepting society regarding the benefits of cannabis.

Lifetime Achievements

Leader in the MI Legalize initiative that helped pass recreational cannabis. In 2017 Thompson and the MILegalize organization submitted 360,000 signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State to place a legalization of Cannabis proposal on the 2018 ballot.

  • NORML of Michigan- Executive Director.

  • Michigan Cannabis Industry Development Group- Owner.

  • Former editor in chief for Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine.

  • 5th Congressional District Representative- Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party.

  • The founder of the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group.


  • Jazz Cabbage Cafe'

  • Pro Cannabis Media channel

  • Four20Post

  • Planet Green Trees

  • The Medical Marijuana Radio Show


  • The Redemption Foundation: Steering Committee

  • The John Sinclair Foundation- Trustee


  • Communicator Award, Jazz Cabbage Café, 2021

  • Citizen Activist of the Year 2015 by National Media Source

  • Crystal Trichome Award winner- Journalist of the Year 2016

Pioneering Cannabis Reform in Michigan

As one of the driving forces behind Michigan's cannabis reform, Thompson played a pivotal role in shaping policies that have transformed the landscape of the state. His passion for justice and belief in the therapeutic potential of cannabis inspired many to join the cause.

Educator and Advocate

Rick believed in the medicinal properties of Cannabis. With over half a million patients and caregivers in his lifetime, he was the most influential role model for young advocates and entrepreneurs.

Beyond the political sphere, Thompson was a dedicated educator, providing invaluable insights into Michigans Cannabis landscape . Through public engagements, articles, and talks, he sought to dispel myths and foster a nuanced understanding of cannabis.

Impact on the Industry

Thompson's influence extended into the burgeoning cannabis industry in Michigan. His advocacy helped pave the way for a regulated and thriving market, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs while ensuring consumer safety.

Remembering a Legacy

Rick Thompson's legacy lives on through the policy changes he championed, the minds he enlightened, and the community he built. As we reflect on his contributions, we are reminded of the progress made in cannabis advocacy and the challenges that lie ahead.

In honoring Rick Thompson, let us continue the work he started, striving for a society where cannabis is understood, accepted, and accessible to those who can benefit from its medicinal properties. Though he may no longer walk among us, his spirit endures in the movement he helped shape and the lives he touched.

Rest in peace, Rick Thompson – a true pioneer, advocate, and friend to the cannabis community.

Find out more about Rick Thompsons achievements here

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