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Dodgy science, poor access and high prices: The parallel medical world of cannabis in the U.S.

After 7 months of traveling and communication, Natalie Fertig from Politico explains her findings after interviewing Medical Cannabis Patients across the nation.

Amie Carter is the President of More Than Hope, a non-profit to help protect the right of patients and help parents navigate the system.

Amie and her son Jayden spent some time with Natalie talking about the struggles that parents and pediatric patients have just medicating with Cannabis. Amie is currently working with the Rep Jimmie Wilson, The Michigan Cannabis Caucus, The Michigan Weedsters and many more supportive groups in the state to pass Jayden's Law. This would allow pediatric patients to consume non-smokable cannabis like RSO to be administrated through a capsule by the school medical authority. The parents of almost 300 pediatric patients have to check their child out of school sometimes up to 3 times a day to provide medicine to their mentally ill or sick child. #Morethanhope #medicalcannabis #Jaydenslaw #cannabismedicine #Pediatriccannabismedicine #ashleyslaw #medicalmarijuana #michiganmedicalmarijuana #cannabis4autism

Read the article below.

Article Politico

Journalist Natalie Fertig

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