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Your card is valid until it's expiration date with or without picture

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Michigan Medical Marijuana Program patient and caregiver registry cards will be printed with the individual's picture on them, with the Michigan Department of State providing the picture on file each time a new card is printed.

To ensure the next card is printed with a picture, patients and caregivers should be sure to:

  • Always use the newest forms available on the MRA website or submit the forms via the online process; new forms were published this week.

  • Use a Michigan state driver license or identification card as your proof of identity (using a voter registration card as proof of identity will result in a card with no picture).

Current patients may submit a Replacement Card Request online or via paper form to have their cards reprinted with their picture on them. Current caregivers may request a replacement card but must use paper forms to do so.

Common Answer Questions

Q: Do I have to get a new card with a photo on it? A: No, you don't have to request a replacement card to replace your current active card, your current active card will remain valid until it expires. However, when you do renew or make a change to your current card using the online system or a new paper form along with your Michigan Driver License or Personal ID issued by the Michigan Secretary of State, a picture will be printed.

Q: How do I get a photo on my card? A: Below is the paper form and online instructions to request a replacement card. Use a Michigan Driver License or State ID as your proof of residency to ensure your new card is printed with a photo.

  • Paper Form: Patient or Caregiver Replacement Card Request (

  • Online Instructions: ACA Request Replacement Card (

Q: Is my card still good without a picture? A: Yes, your card is valid until it's expiration date with or without picture

Q: What if I only have a voter's registration and supporting government document for my proof of residency? A: A picture will not be printed on your card if you do not apply or renew with a Michigan Driver License or State ID. When you apply or renew you authorize the Michigan Department of State to share the picture from the state issued identifications with the MRA to use on your registry card.

Q: Can I submit a photo for my registry card ID? A: You cannot supply your own photo. We must only use the picture issued by the Michigan Secretary of State.

Make sure that you have a valid drivers license with your correct address. This will save you from getting rejected.

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