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With a blink of an eye, the Diag filled with people coming from all directions.

The Michigan Weedsters are humbled by the overwhelming amount of support that the advocacy community has shared.

Check out who was at Hash Bash 2022!

Board of Directors Michigan Weedsters.Member and Director of Big Cloud Farms. Rick Anstiss.

Rick is a patient and caregiver rights advocate and lobbyist in Michigan. Rick has recently returned to activism after seeing the commercial side of the cannabis industry.

Board of Directors & Founder Amie Carter

pictured with Attorney General Dana Nessel

Amie Carter is a registered candidate with the State of Michigan who is running for State Representative in the 68th District

Celebrating his 30th Hash Bash Anniversary, Organizer of the Michigan Bridge Walk, Advocate Ryan Bringold.

Pictured with Brandy Zink of Michigan Americans for safe access and Amie Carter.

Thank you to Member and Adviser Stacey Watrobski for helping spread the word and being so passionate. You are appreciated. You are a joy to work with and we believe an asset to the cannabis advocacy community. To the future! Cheers!

Pictured with Director of Development of the Michigan Weedsters Latrisha Matson, Amie Carter founder of More Than Hope, and Member of the MW, ASA, and PCAN

Charles Strackbein, Annette Nay Nay and the folks over at the Monroe Street Fair for letting us spread the word about Patient and Caregiver Advocacy. We look forward to next year.

The fair celebrated its 20th Year milestone. The streets were lined with vendors and people as far as the eye could see. We never stopped.

Big thank you to Adam Brook and the folks over at the Hash Bash Cup for allowing us a space to discuss important matters with attendees. We met a lot of great people and made some really

great connections.

There were some really moving moments. Thank Rep. Rabbi, Rep. Johnson, Rep Garza and Dana Nessel for showing up and showing your support.

Pictured Rep Rabbi, Joe Sullivan of The Ancient Extracts Company, Rep Garza, Amie Carter, and Rep Johnson.

Big shout out to Anton Harb Jr. (Pictured top right) The Hero Project. He was a warrior with me in the cold. We thank you for all that you do and the support you give us. We look forward to working with you in the future.