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The Michigan Cannabis Harvest Rally

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

The Michigan Cannabis Harvest Rally was created to bring Michigan Residents together to talk about cannabis in the state of Michigan and our rights:

Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA) 2008


The Michigan Weedsters is a Agency of Advocacy created by Michigan Residents who have pledged to be involved with protecting our Cannabis Rights.

Join Us October 11th,2022 at the Michigan Capital for the Michigan Harvest Rally, a community demonstration. This is not a protest. This is an education and awareness event that will help us all learn about what's next for Michigan.

Where: Michigan Capital

When: October 11th 2022

Time: High Noon

Topics that will be covered:

Patients and Caregivers Legislation and the election.

Current legislation and upcoming legislators. Elections are coming up and whoever sits in those new seats will be the next in line to make decisions on our behalf. Voting for the right candidates and educating them before the election will help solidify our position.

Small Business Owners-Saturation of the market and how it will affect them. A family of 4 who started a small shop in the name of love cannot compete with MSOS. How are legislators protecting the small business owners in cannabis?

Employees - Major layoffs and the possibility of unionizing-who didn't do the math. Eventually the market is going to fail without a cap on licenses. Where was the protection for all the employees who would have to suffer the consequences?

Social Equity-The lack of funding and the changes that need to be made that will assist people of the State. Why did the state think 500k in funding was sufficient to provide thousands of disenfranchised residents who came from systemic inequality?

Convictions and Expungements- Information about current legislation and what the future looks like for Expungements- why aren't people walking out of prison in our state legal?

Testing Product and Blood Test-who is affected by the MSP announcement and how they can get assistance if they are a victim of these circumstances? How many people are in jail for testing positive for THC during probation for taking CBD? How many local Hemp growers lost their businesses to this?

Pediatric Patients- We will be talking about Jayden's Law and how children who use cannabis for their medicine are denied the same rights as other children at school

Veterans Studies- What's the law and what's happening today to protect our veterans from greed in the industry

Non-Profit Organizations - Who is out here working to make a change

And much more..

Click the link below to Register. Registration is not necessary but it will help us determine how many people will be showing up.

You may also email us at if you would like to participate.

There are multiple ways that you can participate right from where you're at.

1 An Ambassador-You don't have to do much of anything, you would just email us your logo and we would add it to a template for the event showing your support which would link back to your page or your business. That will look like this.

2 You can volunteer at the event or just reshare our posts.

3 You can sponsor the T-Shirt Give Away. We will be providing free t-shirts while they last. If you are a business, brand, caregiver, grower, organization or supporter, you can pay $250 to have your logo put on the t-shirt that we will be giving away. This includes a spot on the Capital lawn.

We hope to see you there. Let's get together to talk about Michigan cannabis and how to protect Michigan residents.

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