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MMMP Patients and Caregivers: Applications, Amendment Forms and Common Denial Reasons

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

MMMP Patients and Caregivers: Applications, Amendment Forms and Common Denial Reasons The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) is a state registry program within the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA).

The program administers the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, as approved by Michigan voters in 2008, by registering patients and caregivers. The intent of this advisory bulletin is to provide registrants with guidance on how to make changes to a valid registry card, common reasons applications for registry cards and amendments are denied, and tips to prevent a denial. The MMMP allows patients without a caregiver to apply online. Paper application packets can be submitted by patients with caregivers (or by patients without a caregiver who choose not to submit online).

The paper application packet includes a complete application, signed physician certification, and supporting documentation. The online application method is more efficient for both the patient and the MMMP and results in a decision much more quickly than the paper application method. The online application method is highly recommended for patients without a caregiver. Registry Card Amendment Forms After a registry card is issued, a cardholder may submit an amendment form to make changes to the registry card. Some changes may be made online and other changes can be made only via paper form.

Changes to a patient registry card that can be made via an online amendment form include:

  • Changing an address

  • Requesting a replacement card

  • Withdrawal

Removing a caregiver Changes to a registry card that can be made only via paper form include:

  • Adding/Changing Caregiver

  • Removing a patient

  • Changing who possesses the plants

Common Reasons for Denial

Patients using the paper application or the paper amendment form are sometimes denied by the MMMP. The following are common reasons that a paper application or amendment form are denied by the MMMP

  • The patient and/or caregiver’s date of birth was missing or does not match the residency document

  • The patient’s and/or caregiver’s signature and/or signature date was either missing or incomplete

  • The patient’s name and/or date of birth on the Physician Certification Form is missing or does not match the proof of residency submitted

  • The patient’s valid proof of Michigan residency was not received

  • The caregiver’s valid proof of identity was not received

  • The plant possession on the form was missing or altered

  • An incorrect or outdated form was submitted

Tips to Prevent a Denial

If the option is available to you, use the online portal to apply, renew, or amend a registry card to decrease the chances of a denial (this is highly recommended).

If using the online portal is not an option, read and follow the instructions on the paper application or amendment form and include all required supporting documents listed in the instructions

Prior to attempting to make changes to a registration, verify the registration is active (only active registrations can be changed) with the program.

If a patient or caregiver is unsure about the instructions for any application or amendment form, they should call the MMMP before completing the form

Before mailing an application or amendment form, a patient or caregiver should review the form and make sure all required information is correct and complete.

Cardholders with questions or concerns regarding the instructions or the status of their applications may contact MMMP by calling 517-284-6400

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