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Michigan Weedsters

March 21, 2022

Why I am a Weedster

It’s not just about Reformation, it’s about our rights!

The Corporate greed behind the Medical and Recreational market in Michigan is getting out of hand, leaving the patients who have relied on caregivers since the inception of the Program in 2008, at the hands of Big Weed. Nearly 14 years later many would say that it’s not much better now than it was then, with more bill’s and regulations than ever before. With Corporate interest at all time highs, due to the rapid growth of the industry. Patients and caregivers need to band together to stand up to Corporate Cannabis and tell them our voice will be heard. Many of the bill’s being presented before the house have had no input form the community that they will be affecting, the patients and caregivers.

This is where Michigan Weedsters come in, they are a Grassroots movement that shines light on the upcoming bill’s and Representatives bringing them forward. They are also focused on local township ordinances that are also coming forward, many of which aim to restrict patient access along with adult use access. Limiting social clubs and groups focused on the consumption and social aspect of Marijuana. Many townships are trying to pass these ordinances without input from the users, only the people opposing such establishments.

I joined the Michigan Weedsters because if we don't band together now, our rights will diminish and patients' access to medicine will be limited. Caregivers give patients medicine that a lot of times cannot be found at a dispensary and their rights need to be protected from corporate greed at all cost. We cannot depend solely on our Representatives to do our work, we need to make sure our voices are heard. Together we can stay at the forefront of upcoming issues and ordinances, and protect the rights that we and others have fought so hard for.

Lots of Peace and Love,

Bradley Powell

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient

Member of the Michigan Weedsters

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