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There is no reason to amend the MMMA- House Bill 5512

Currently, House Bill 5512 seeks to change the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in support of the modification of the Judiciary Act of 1961.

This allows sections 10A, 10B, 10C, and section 12 to override the medical marijuana act, thus if someone with a medical marijuana card wishes to use it for their recovery, they won't be able to do so because of the program's discrepancy.

According to many studies and information, the number of patients or people that come through drug court with a medicinal marijuana card is really little in comparison.

Modifying the Medicinal Marijuana statute to address the discrepancies between the federal prohibition and the privilege that the State of Michigan has granted its citizens does not justify amending the act. And it doesn't justify a federal program amending our state constitution.

According to the article below, The DOJ has made clarifications on this subject. In August of 2020, the clarification was made after a subject to the courts took his life after being denied the MM treatment that was in place by his doctor. Judges are not doctors and these cases could reflect on our state as well.

"Clarification on special conditions for federal funding related to medical marijuana.” The bulletin included a two-page document from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration."

This Bill was passed from the Reform Committee to the Judiciary Committee. Rumor is that it will be Tie Barred with other Bills. Three of the sponsors of House Bill 5512 sit on the Judicial Committee, the assumption is that it will hit the floor in the following months.

According to this information, the courts can in fact implement Medical Marijuana as a "part" of their treatment in Problem Solving Courts without penalty from the DOJ.

Now is your chance to contact your State Representative and oppose House Bill 5512. The MMMA does not need to be amended, the Department of Justice clarified that Medical Marijuana can be included in Problem Solving Courts.

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